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On-site massage

Embark on a new level of relaxation at Ivory Sands by reserving your exclusive on-site massage experience. Indulge in tranquility and unwind with our skilled therapists. Secure your spot for a serene Saturday or Sunday, and to ensure availability, we recommend booking in advance. Act swiftly as time slots are in high demand and operate on a first-come, first-served basis. For those seeking weekday bliss, inquire about potential openings and cancellations. Whether you prefer the privacy of your room or the serene ambiance of our pool lounge, we tailor the experience to your comfort. Delight in our range of treatments, each designed to elevate your well-being. Explore the pricing and diverse treatment options below for a rejuvenating escape. Book now to embrace a journey of relaxation and rejuvenation with Ivory Sands.

Swedish Massage

Therapeutic and relaxing, this treatment relieves superficial muscle tension and induces relaxation for the perfect Clearwater Beach Vacation.

  • 60 Minutes – $129
  • 90 Minutes – $159

Deep Tissue Massage

This therapy uses deep pressure getting into the deeper lying muscles. Recommended for chronic issues and clients that have limited range of motion.

  • 60 Minutes – $139
  • 90 Minutes – $169

Neuromuscular Massage

It is recommended for clients who have chronic issues and referral pain patterns. Includes heat, trigger point therapy, deep tissue, and stretching.

  • 60 Minutes – $149
  • 90 Minutes – $179

Sports Massage

This therapy is recommended for clients dedicated to their workouts and want less pain during recovery from sport related activities. This treatment also includes stretching to help increase range of motion and flexibility.

  • 60 Minutes – $149
  • 90 Minutes – $179

Couples Massage

Any massage service can be turned into a couples massage. Please indicate which you prefer when booking.

  • 60 Minutes – $209

*Cancellation Policy – There will be a 50% charge to the client if a 24-hour notice is not given.

Cabana Reservation

Picture yourself in a private cabana, embraced by the clearwater beach breeze and  warming sun. Our poolside cabanas offer exclusive comfort. Reserve your cabana today for an unforgettable retreat at Ivory Sands.

  • Day Reservation – $80

*Cancellation Policy – There will be a 50% charge to the client if a 24-hour notice is not given.